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The founders of All College Storage are proud to bring you Amherst College's official student run laundry service. Take a look around and let us know if you have any more questions!

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Dirty laundry

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    1. Choose a plan

    2. Fill your bag

    3. We wash/dry/fold

    4. Enjoy fresh clothes!

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Our Plans

Just the Basics


Acl blue box Weekly wash/dry/fold laundry.

Acl blue box At your door pick up and drop off.

Acl blue box Personal bed and bath linens included.

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Look Sharp


Acl blue box Weekly wash/dry/fold laundry.

Acl blue box At your door pick up and drop off.

Acl blue box Shirts, Dress Pants & Skirts Pressed and on Hangers.

Acl box light Dry Cleaning & Gentle Care Cleaning Included.

Acl blue box Comforter & Blanket Cleaning FREE ($70 Value).

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*Early Registration Discount

Save $25 on any of our plans when you register by August 20th

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All Plans Include

A Personal Laundry Bag with the sudent's name and school clearly visible on it. Each student gets to send in one full bag per week, which holds approximately 25-30 pounds of clothing.

Valet Service that includes replacing missing buttons and sewing minor tears upon request.

Two Day Turnaround! Laundry and dry cleaning will be picked up and returned within 48 hours!

Acl box light About Us


All College Laundry was founded by Amherst College students in 2009.

Every day since then we have been working on improving our service so that you can focus on the important parts of school. Our service combines student managers with laundry professionals to provide you with the most convenient service around.

We also run AllCollegeStorage, providing summer storage services for a stress free move out.

Why Choose Us

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Save Time. Let's face it - college students have a lot on their plate and there are better ways to spend time than doing laundry.

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Stay Fresh. Another fact - without our service doing laundry just might not happen.

Fresh Folded Laundry > Dirty Corner Laundry

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Customer Service. It’s our number one goal. Contact us anytime. We love our customers!

Our Team

Student Run. Professionally Done. Because no one knows how to treat you like your peers. All College Laundry combines student management with laundry service profressionals. Feel free to reach out when you see us around campus.

Interested in joining the team? Click here to apply.

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    When do I pay?
    No payments are required from students during pickup/delivery. All weekly plans are paid in advance, prior to the start of the school year. Students on our "Basics" package who wish to use additional services will be billed monthly. *Per semester pricing available upon request.
    Is there a weekly weight limit?
    No! Each All College Laundry bag can hold approximately 25-30 pounds of clothing. Student's can pack their bag as full as they'd like.
    Do you offer Dry Cleaning services?
    Yes. Dry Cleaning is included with our "Look Sharp" Plan, students on our "Basics" plan may receive dry cleaning services on a per item charge basis.
    Gentle Care Processing vs Dry Cleaning?
    Over 70% of items that we return to students on hangers are laundered and dried with a gentle care process, then pressed. We launder all items that will get the same or better cleaning by using a gentle care laundry process vs. dry cleaning.
    When is Pickup & Delivery?
    Pickup is every Tuesday and dropoff every Thursday during the standard school year.
    When & where do I get my laundry bag?
    Your All College Laundry bag will be delivered to your dorm during the first week of the semester.
    When does service start?
    Service starts the second Tuesday of each semester.
    Which plan do I need?
    All plans include a personal laundry bag, wash/dry/fold, and two day turnaround. As a professional cleaner, we have an obligation to follow a garment's care labels. For example, we dry clean all sweaters. All fleece requires gentle care washing, as does Under Armour® type performance gear. These garments will be taken care of at no additional charge under the "Look Sharp" Plan. Gentle care and dry cleaning may incur additional costs under our "Just the Basics" Plan.
    All College Laundry: A Healthy Lifestyle for Your Student
    Students, and therefore their clothing, can be exposed to potentially infectious bacteria throughout their daily activities. All College Laundry uses for BlockTeriaTM, a fabric sanitizer that is added to each load we wash. BlockTeriaTM continually eliminates 99.999% of infectious contamination including MRSA-Staph.

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Still have questions? We'd love to answer them. Feel free to reach out anytime!

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